AI in a Box

Our AI in a box ( solution makes it easy for Financial and Hi-tech industries to enable AI in their customer facing or Backoffice functions very quickly.

We are an industry pioneer in AI, combining cognitive analytics (self-learning, deep and machine learning models) with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Voice/Image/Virtual/Augmented Reality (AR/VR) as needed to effectively solve a business problem. 

Our solution has several prebuilt working solutions in our secured cloud that are available for consumption directly via API calls from your internal systems, and are also available as downloadable containers that can be further customized for a given situation as needed. It brings together a chatbot that has both text and voice recognition, NLU ability, that can interact with internal and external customers to understand their needs. It has inbuilt security and authentication mechanisms to meet banking security standards. Based on a given use case it can make appropriate decisions with no human interaction, using ML/DL models to complete relevant business processes leveraging bots built using RPA. It can easily integrate with bank’s front or back office systems. When AI cannot solve a specific situation or use case, it will automatically direct the action to regular channels via our exception mechanism.

Business Drivers

  • Competitive advantage
  • Deeper understanding of customers (KYC)
  • 24x7 human like service
  • Fraud monitoring and cyber security
  • Customer experience via personalized recommendations that otherwise will require human intelligence
  • Cost Savings

Our Value

  • Business outcome driven approach 
  • Readily consumable AI use cases
  • Our AI innovation centers
  • Intellectual property like data models and data science algorithms
  • Best practices (Architecture, Approach, Platform and Tools) utilized at multiple referenceable customers
  • 200+ experts with functional & delivery experience
  • 25+ Data Scientists

Our approach

Use Case Discovery




Configure / Customize





Leverage our process and experience to identify right proven AI use case.


POC with a limited scope to establish value


Configure and customize AI in a box in line with security and compliance requirements


Integrate with relevant front / back office systems using our API Layer / Download Manager


Deploy for larger consumption by internal/external users.

We can implement AI use cases in as little as 8 weeks depending on use case.

Our expertise

  • IT Help Desk - Internal IT 24x7 support chatbot to handle requests like Password resets, System lockouts, Access requests, Email setup instructions etc 
  • Customer Support / Contact center - Provide customer support in areas like Credit line increase, Account Balance, Account transfers, Billpay, order new card etc.
  • Voice assisted banking - Customers can talk to bots and receive answers for most common tasks.

In addition, we can provide AI solutions to meet the following needs:

  • Personalized Services - Automated system to monitor a user’s portfolio, and offer customized recommendations based on user’s preferences.
  • Underwriting process - Automated underwriting process which can take decisions automatically.
  • Voice assisted banking - Customers can talk to bots and receive answers for most common tasks.
  • Wealth management - Offer personalized tax optimized advice to a larger set of customers that would otherwise be cost prohibitive to serve.
  • Fraud monitoring - Learn and monitor user behavior, and in real time identify and block potential fraudulent transactions.
  • Compliance - Monitor communications or activities, and then flag the most probable candidates for human intervention. Potential use cases could be identifying money laundering, detecting activities like the Wells Fargo fake accounts creation, monitoring employee communications for intent to commit fraud.
  • Mobile Wallets - Monitor user spending patterns, and then make special offers, offer rewards for certain spending patterns.