Cloud Analytics using Snowflake

Even though cloud platforms have matured quite a bit over the years, data warehouse on cloud is catching up only recently. It is still a struggle for many companies to choose the right data warehouse platform on the cloud that will fully leverage the advantages of cloud (i.e. scalability, elasticity and cost) as they query/use and still provide good performance that will match or beat on-prem infrastructure. There are variations to the provisioning, cost, development and security aspects after one migrates to cloud.

We at Decision Minds have helped many customers including some of the world’s largest organizations with cloud analytics strategy and implementation leveraging Snowflake.

Business DriversWhy people move to Snowflake

  • DB Performance & scalability on cloud
  • Enterprise-class DW on cloud
  • Reduced costs
  • Consolidate data & data marts to cloud
  • Deploy DW solutions faster
  • Leverages existing skills and tools

Our Value

  • We have helped many large organizations take advantage of Snowflake on AWS
  • Proven strategy, success stories and use cases
  • Best Practices - Knowledge base and center of excellence for snowflake (new generation cloud database)
  • Proven experience integrating platform & tools at enterprise level with AWS and Snowflake
  • 200+ experts with functional & delivery experience
  • Functional and domain expertise
  • Intellectual property-AWS-Snowflake strategy, ETL Framework, DevOps execution model leveraging Snowflake/AWS, data martsArtificial Intelligence and data science algorithms with functional and domains skills to drive higher business ROI