Compliance Reporting

Businesses have to quickly evolve as Compliance laws change year over year. Decision Minds has leveraged its Banking Industry and Technology expertise to come up with a innovative approach that would allow Business Teams to make incremental changes to keep pace with the changes in the regulations.

In Banking industry, the government and regulators are expecting banks to constantly comply to continuously evolving regulations like Anti Money Laundering, Enhanced Customer Due Diligence, Current Expected Credit Loss, Suspicious Activity Monitoring and others. Traditional approaches involve IT converting and embedding all the Business Rules into actual code which needs to be developed, maintained and enhanced by IT staff.


In our approach, Business can use our visual engine to modify the business rules and store into a database. From there, Denodo, industry leading virtualization technology picks up the business rules and surfaces the data without any extensive IT involvement.


Solution features

  • Robust and validated solution architecture
  • Intuitive and Business User friendly
  • Visual Rules Management
  • Audit Balance and Control

Solution Benefits

  • Time to Market – 8 weeks vs 4 months
  • Reduced Reliance on IT
  • Solutions Managed and serviced by Business
  • Adaptive Platform, Reduced TCO

Our approach

Feasibility & Qualification


Solution Customization


Pilot Release


Compliance Solution Release

Review Compliance
/Regulation and
Customer Ecosystem


Customize our solution per Client requirements


Pilot release with MVP functionality


Release with complete functionality