Data Virtualization using Denodo

Silo systems & disparate data sources are found in almost every Fortune 500 company. Creating a unified view of silo data sources using traditional ETL is not only time consuming but can also cost a fortune.

To address this challenge, Decision Minds has collaborated with Data Virtualization leader Denodo to come up with an innovative solution to seamlessly integrate disparate data sources such as existing Data Marts, Data Lake, MDM, and other data sources, thereby reducing silos and duplication by creating unified data repository of key data sets.

Business Drivers

  • Data consolidation across on-prem and cloud data sources
  • Logical data lake to enable analysis across applications
  • Virtual MDM
  • Virtual sandboxes & rapid prototyping
  • Centralized data access control & data masking
  • Consistent meta data layer and data governance
  • Abstraction layer between old and new systems

Our Value

  • Strategic technology partnership with Denodo
  • POC in 2-4 weeks and solution in 6-8 weeks
  • Up to 50% cost saving compare to traditional ETL
  • Industry experts in financial Services and technology
  • Matured and endorsed virtualization methodology
  • Adaptive platform, quick and available at a fraction of the cost
  • Meta-data driven design & flexible rule engine