MDM Strategy

MDM Program is a vital part of enterprise information management, simplifying integration activities and enabling enterprise agility. MDM Strategy must consider any multi factor MDM, Cloud and Social Data interface capabilities that may be important to the clients.

Decision Minds' comprehensive Master Data Management MDM implementation services help clients efficiently plan, deliver, and develop their MDM solutions effectively. These services include:

  • MDM Readiness Assessment, Strategy Development and Oversight services which are tailor-made to help organizations prepare for their MDM initiative in a way that ensures the organizational, governance, functional and technology needs are aligned and appropriate for the situation. Decision Minds will lead and assist in building the business and technical cases, developing MDM Strategy and delivering data governance program oversight.
  • Comprehensive MDM Implementation and Improvement services help our clients efficiently plan, deliver, and develop their MDM solutions.
  • Data Quality Profiling and Assessment services provide our clients with insight to determine the accuracy and completeness of their data assets.


3-step Approach to Establish Effective Data Governance

3-Step Strategy for MDM


Business Drivers

Consistent Master Data enables Faster & Better Decisions Across the organization. MDM enables Business and Systems Architecture to share common valuable data assets. It also enables faster growth, better customer interactions, operational efficiency and solid competitive advantage

  • Improve business processes
  • Create operational efficiencies and improve organizational efficiency
  • Improve customer relations
  • Enhance decision making
  • Create competitive advantage
  • Improve compliance and risk management

Business Benefits

  • MDM removes redundant data and makes it centrally located with complete coherence and specifics.
  • MDM enables master edits or changes that update related record or information at every single location, ensuring data consistency
  • Through MDM, we can get smart and decision-enabling data analysis, which is crucial.
  • MDM authorizes users to decide what type of data goes into management, making it lighter and more useful for business needs.
  • MDM acts as a key data source it tends to become more authoritative and acts as a reliable basis of information for all kinds of business operations.
  • MDM guarantees consistency of data, which makes working with it easier as it prunes confusion, redundancy and creates easier and consistent workflow.
  • Data flexibility and easy data backup is greater in MDM as against other data management techniques; as data storage changes, availability, and usage are easier to manage.