Reporting/Insights Services

Reporting/Insights Service is a centralized service to provide on going reporting needs of Business in a consistent, timely and cost effective manner.

Businesses are in constant need of actionable intelligence from enterprise data to ensure that their services are aligned to customer needs. Depleting profit margins drive companies for alternate options to offload the mundane task of report generation from core resources and deploy them to transformational initiatives that focus on creating customer value.

Business Drivers

  • Siloed shadow developments in multiple business units
  • Proliferation of different tools & technology in different business units
  • Inconsistent development process, look & feel of reporting inside the organization
  • Inconsistent business rules and interpretation of same data leading to confusion
  • Data redundancy, duplication of data leading to data management and quality issues
  • High value resources spent on mundane reporting tasks

Business Benefits

  • Timely support to business for reporting & analytics needs
  • Consistent & single version of truth for business executives
  • Reduces redundancy& Ensures Data Quality/Accuracy
  • Common look & feel for all reports
  • Central Knowledge Base for Standardization & Automation
  • Common technology, tools & process reducing cost
  • Efficiency through standardization and a dedicated ‘Shared Services’
  • 30-40% reduction in cost through a global delivery model
  • Reduction in reporting effort and time
  • Release internal resources for strategic initiatives & innovation