Self Service Framework

Business are challenged with Time-To-Market in this competitive world. CIO’s today have the daunting task of balancing enterprise governance and business empowerment.

Decision Minds' Self Service Reporting offers the right blend between the two by handholding IT & Business leaders in an agile data driven approach resulting in a win-win situation. With our proven methodology, IT can enable business with consistent data governance, development process, architecture, technology, tools and training while the business can focus on metrics, presentation and communication to solve business problems.

Business Drivers

  • Long development lead time resulting in Time-To-Market challenges
  • Lack of business understanding and translation loss in IT
  • Frequent business changes requiring dynamic reporting

Business Benefits

  • Business Empowerment
  • Agility and Time-To-Market advantage
  • Better representation of metrics allowing easier end-user adoption
  • Clear accountability in roles & responsibilities
  • Quicker resolution to business problems
  • Time & Cost saving