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Decision Minds Case Studies

Client Profile: Hybrid cloud data services and data management company


   Creation of Master data management to build Business Confidence & Governance on Data
   Usage of Data in creating effective Product Reporting Strategy for business success
   Impact on Service Renewals because of customer install base data issues
   Inconsistent reporting solution impacting revenue at Enterprise level


  Created Business Glossary with Data/Metric definitions to promote consistency in business rules and increase confidence
  Expert Assistance provided in streamlining customer install Master Database Management
  Developed reporting factory to form a roadmap for effective & consistent reporting strategy


  Business Confidence & Governance of Data
  Prevent Revenue Leakage and increase Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)
  Consistent method to measure new solution revenue
  Overall Cost Savings

Client Profile: Cloud computing servicer provider company


   Unavailability of non-scalable Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) & Business intelligence (BI) systems
   Unavailability of robust Analytical & Reporting Engine
   Required Native HANA implementation for improved database management
   Account coverage related issues leading to adversative impact on project assignments
   Improper management of Customer churn and retention modelling, leading to loss in business & revenue.
   Extra expense & bandwidth related issues because of US controlled team


  Created Data & Analytics strategy leading to Financial, Sales & Marketing Effectiveness & Cost Saving
  Developed Enterprise Data Warehouses (EDW); Enabled Data availablity & analytics to 12 Business functions
  Desgined Master data management strategy to effectively manage customer and contact data
  Assisted the Client to develop Data Governance & 24x7 Support system for achieving Trust & CSAT
  Performed Whitespace Analysis for digging through the data to hunt for New business opportunities


  EDW, MDM Strategy & Governance
  DW and BI Implementation
  Product Usage and Churn Analytics
  Cost Saving & 24x7 Support

Client Profile: Service (PaaS) provider for enterprise


   Implement Enterprise Wide Data Warehouse(EDW) on SAP HANA catering to 11+ business functions-Sales, Marketing, Professional Service, Finance, HR and IT etc.
   Replace SQL Server Legacy system & multiple silo systems
   Centralize Data Management and Information Publishing Governance


  Unified Data Platform
  Well Defined
  Enterprise Data Model and limited/No ETL
  Faster Data Access using HAN
  Business empowerment using Self Service Framework
  MDM Foundation
  Advanced Analytics POV based on EDW
  Cross Sell and Upsell opportunities, Customer 360, Insight into Sales force performance, Usage Analytics


  Three-pronged approaches:

    (A) Forklift business reports functionality from existing SQL Server DWH;
    (B) Quick Wins on SAP HANA and Tableau involving IT and Business Teams
    (C) Strategic Enterprise Data Model and Solutions for long term

  SAP HANA Modeling on an Enterprise Scale with Best Practices
  Self Service BI, Data Governance and MDM embedded in the program
  Hybrid – Agile & Distributed Development Model

Client Profile: Worldwide Leader in IT and Networking


   Client wanted to build a Scalable platform to Analyze product and business data across Engineering & Business functions
   Reduce customer churn, increase usage, and adoption of new features


  Worked with multiple LOBs (Product Management, Infrastructure and Engineering) to come up with Data to Insights Strategy using Hadoop Platform
  Built Analytics Solution on top for Usage, Adoption and Reduce Churn


  Big Data (Hadoop) Strategy & Roadmap
  Product Usage, Adoption & Churn Analytics

Client Profile: Multinational Cybersecurity Company


   Client produces daily huge volumes of financial and transactional data(sales orders, inventory, etc.), However, lacked ability to capture and Analyze the data in real time. Needed to adopt a single platform that would provide insights into all of its financial and transactional data in real time.


  Unified Data Platform, Enterprise Cross Functional Reporting for Finance & Sales, Cross Sell and Up Sell opportunities, Usage Analytics Customer 360
  Well Defined
  Self-Service Business Intelligence (BI), Master data management (MDM) Foundation


  SAP BW on HANA implementation was required as BW was in use and it was not possible to migrate all BI Reporting from BW to Enterprise HANA
  Implemented BW on HANA
  Implemented SAP Enterprise HANA for real time reporting of SAP Revenue and Sales Bookings (SAP ECC and Salesforce) projects


  Performance and Scalability issues of BW architecture
  Transactional data enabled more accurate, timely and improved decision-making reports
  Finance department could initiate variety of real-time reports as required
  With BW in-memory-optimized objects, complex analysis & planning scenarios with unpredictable query types, high data volume, high query frequency, & complex calculations was handled with high degree of efficiency
  Developing BW integration objects and reloading millions of data not required. Development done in HANA Calc views without reloading/duplicating data

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