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Building Modern Data Landscape using Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse Analytics is a limitless analytics service that brings together data integration, enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. It gives you the freedom to query data on your terms, using either serverless or dedicated resources.

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How does Data Distribution Works in Microsoft Azure Synapse?

To achieve high query performance data must be distributed which help in running queries in parallel. When we store data in Synapse (dedicated SQL Pool) it's distributed across 60 fixed distributions (distributed location is called a distribution).

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how business analytics can enhance customer targeting

How Business Analytics can enhance Customer Targeting?

Business analytics is a powerful tool used in various facets of marketing. These include forecasting trends, understanding customer behavior, calculating the likeliness/probability of an event to occur, knowing where your customer comes from, etc.

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the impact of machine learning in Next-Gen business

The impact of Machine Learning in Next-Gen Business

Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two buzz words popular amongst numerous industries such as finance, automobile, IT, etc. One common facet amongst all these industries is business.

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importance of data analytics in organizational processes small

Importance of Data Analytics in Organizational Processes

Data analytics has taken the world by storm in the last few years. The field of data analytics is becoming the backbone of numerous industries such as advertising, manufacturing, automobile, healthcare, and pretty much every other sector.

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journey of digital transformation where organizations start to achieve

Journey of Digital Transformation to Achieve Data-driven Insights

Digital transformation essentially refers to the adoption of digital technologies by organizations towards improving - business process efficiency, customer experience, supply chain visibility and predictability, optimization of network operations, and culture.

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journey of digital transformation where organizations start to achieve

How Organizations Leverage Advanced Automation and Machine Learning?

Machine Learning (ML) and advanced automation are some of the latest and the most trending words in the global business world. These advanced technologies have allowed companies to reimagine their working culture and combine digital intelligence into their system for enhanced end-to-end processes.

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journey of digital transformation where organizations start to achieve

How should organizations start Data Modernization?

Data modernizations help eliminate the complexities, inadequacies, and inefficiencies revolving around the traditional legacy systems. Besides, modern cloud analytics software offers high-end features including - faster data migration, scalability, optimized storage, good governance, and real-time analytics.

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how is data science shaping the future of modern data warehousing small

How is Data Science shaping the future of Modern Data Warehousing?

With evolving technologies and the growing complexity of business requirements, data has become more critical than ever. Data forms the backbone for all business decisions. In the years to come, data science will become a core factor in empowering business users and offering them greater autonomy in work by unleashing the power of modern data warehouses.

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How Cloud-based Security is benefitting Data-driven Organizations?

Cloud computing is one of the trendiest new world technologies. It has already hit several milestones and is regularly shaping the way we experience technology in our world. As cloud infrastructure grows, cloud security is also becoming an important part of today’s businesses.

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Guide on Digital Experience Platform(DXP) and Associated technologies

A Digital Experience Platform is an all-encompassing tool that helps organizations monitor, analyze, and enhance the digital experience of a customer through their entire lifecycle. It is like a fundamental block using which a company can build, manage, and grow its digital ecosystem.

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Business Analytics and Its Role in the Decision Making Process

Business analytics is a combination of data mining, statistical analysis, predictive analysis, and more such fields which together help a company understand its current performance, analyze the data to get insights on it, and find ways to improve it.

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