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What is Data HUB?

DataHUB is a product to migrate from legacy databases into snowflake. It provides several capabilities that are required during migration from profiling to data reconciliation making whole migration process much faster and smoother.

DataHUB organises and migrates your company's data to the Snowflake platform. The Snowflake system then powers a data cloud where businesses may store, access, and manage their data.

We're excited to announce that our DataHUB Accelerator, which is completely managed, assures data governance, security, and transaction integrity during the digital transition of your data to Snowflake.

Once your business is migrated, then Snowflake with its advanced features, scalability, and resilient nature provides an advanced cloud data platform to the organizations for their 360-degree data management. Organizations can perform data workloads, advanced data analytics and machine learning data processing.


Meta data profiling

Data hub helps you to profile meta data in your source Data warehouse. It will collect inventory of all database objects in source data warehouse and advice actions if any required to make it compatible for migration to Snow Flake. Summary dashboards will provide compatibility metrics for migration of source data warehouse to Snowflake data warehouse.

Data Migration

Once Meta data profiling stage is completed. Data hub will create meta data of suitable database objects in Snow Flake Account. Errors if any can be tracked and closed by users. Upon closure of all errors, system will migrate data to Snow Flake.

Data reconciliation

Toughest job in any data migration project is to verify that migrated data matches with data from source data warehouse. Data hub facilitates this reconciliation process by matching data in source data warehouse with Snow flake data warehouse.

DataHUB Architecture

DataHUB is the solution to all of your difficulties, including increased expenditures for database maintenance, database operations, administration, and unused computing and storage resources. DataHUB is a great solution if you're having trouble with speed when a large number of users are accessing data platforms, or when users are sharing data with business partners or for any other third-party needs.

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