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What is Decision HUB?

DecisionHUB is a Data science platform and a marketplace that helps companies embrace data science model management, rapidly prototype and deliver machine learning and deep learning models and make data science easily accessible across organizations via an internal private marketplace. An easy to use interface, flexible UI, anomaly detection, and alerts deliver quick value for data science teams of any size.

Model Management

Anomaly detection

Enterprise Distribution

Governance & Security


A fully configured development environment (IDE)

Start building immediately with your fully configured development environment. All the frameworks, libraries, and drivers are pre-installed for you and available, so you don’t have to focus on infrastructure and environments.

Automatic version control, reviews, audits, chats Pre-commit review, post-commit auditing, local repository hosting, comments, anecdotes, work boards, sprints, chat channels and much more Seamlessly integrate with data sources including big data platforms, SQL databases, third party applications, flat files, etc. Smart connections builder, connect to data warehouses, data lakes, operational data stores, etc. Extract data from various SaaS and PaaS applications seamlessly

Metrics and Dashboards

Bring all your BI tools and data together into one portal. With enterprise-grade IAM (Identity Access Management) and policies, restrict your data and deliver relevant content to the right person.

Anomaly Detection

Automatically detect anomalies in your data to ensure critical data changes are informed to the right audience immediately using triggers and alerts.

External Process Automations (EPA)

Automate critical steps in the workflow using EPA to update information based on certain conditions to update records, status in external systems like Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, Wootric, Pardot, Zoom, Thoughtspot, Tableau, etc. You can also send emails, text messages to alert and remind people about critical events.

Why Decision HUB?

Decision HUB Data Science Model Management is an innovative competency that involves technologies and processes that work in an organized way to enable companies steadfastly and securely develop, validate, deliver, and monitor models that create a reasonable advantage to the businesses.

Why DecisionHUB?

DecisionHUB Architecture

DecisionHUB Architecture

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