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Decision Minds Data Analytics

We are the Leaders in Cloud Data Analytics, Multi-Cloud deployments,
GenAI Solutions and Digital Engineering

Our idea of growth is to make the most out of technology and utilize it for bringing a positive change
in people’s lives. We strive for excellence and clarity by creating innovative solutions and products.

What We Offer

Data Strategy

In the modern business environment, GenAI and AI/ML driven data and business strategy is very critical to grow your business. Our data strategy offers a clear roadmap for the application of data, insights, and GenAI to achieve your business objectives and high-priority goals. This includes developing a data modernization strategy and architecture that is tailored to your business demands, addressing challenges in data quality, security, and governance, and strategically applying GenAI for your business’s advantage.

Data Cloud for Infinite Scaling and Greater Performance
Data Cloud (eg: Snowflake, DataBricks, Google Big Query) offers unparalleled scalability, flexibility, and efficiency, enabling seamless data integration, storage, and analytics across platforms. They enhance decision-making through real-time insights, foster innovation, and reduce operational costs, ultimately driving business growth and agility.

Promptly access appropriate data in one place
All your team members across the organization can directly access & Analyze all the relevant Data as well as, structured and unstructured information, or any third-party information using one platform.

Cohesive Administration and Security of Data
Access to data is done in a structured role-based manner that ensures sensitive data is not exposed to wrong audience.

Importance of Data Analytics in Organizational Processes
data science driven business strategy

Empower your Analytical journey with Snowflake

Today's organizations are data-driven; Therefore, data scientists require huge amounts of data to develop and train machine learning models with the most time-saving and performance-oriented processes. The era of artificial intelligence demands fast and accurate access to data, and this has become an important differentiator between the Snowflake & other available data cloud solutions.

Strategize your Analytics Roadmap leveraging Snowflake
We review your organization's strategic plan and identify measurable objectives and outcomes which can be achieved with the optimal use of data, leveraging Snowflake. The process includes creation of an Analytics Scorecard by evaluating your organization's Data, Technology, Reporting, Clients and Organizational Culture.

Develop a roadmap for business success
We develop a roadmap by understanding the options available for data warehousing through business metrics, key performance indicators, and business questions that can be answered with data and analytics tools.

Build out your enterprise analytics platform on Snowflake
We establish a high-level plan for your business's data-driven analytical strategy, starting with data migration to meet the digital transformation including scope, cost, schedule, and other relevant jobs.

Achieve Data-driven Insights with Digital Transformation
empower analytics journey on snowflake

Identify, Analyze, and Act on your data for Business Success

Business analytics is an important technical expertise that is the reason why it is in such high demand. Data Analysis activities help business owners make well-Analyzed decisions, accomplish critical key goals, and solve complex business problems, by identifying, collecting, analyzing, and reporting the most useful information relevant to their business needs.

Standardize digital transformation in your organization
Digital transformation in your organization also means people transformation and making a cultural change so that the employees can collaborate and easily experiment using the available data and algorithms to create value for the organization through several possible ways, like creating new insights, promoting data-driven decision-making, testing new business models, and optimizing existing jobs.

Revolutionizing your relationship with Data
The primary reason why your organization will take full advantage of data science platforms is related to how data is managed across your organization. Revolutionizing Modern data science platforms in your organization makes it easy to examine and compare different machine learning algorithms at the click of few buttons.

How Business Analytics can enhance customer targeting?
How should Businesses start Data Modernization?
identify Analyze act on data for business success

Energize the Power of Data with Machine Learning

Machine Learning systematizes the entire data analysis workflow of your organization to offer deeper, faster, and comprehensive insights of your Data. It is a method of data analysis that automates the analytical data science model building. It is a subset of artificial intelligence grounded on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns and make decisions with minimal human intervention.

Support in data analysis & decision-making process
For every business, data is a treasure-trove because it supports the decision-making process, helps by targeting customers and prospects, and excavate the level of analysis that is necessary for the continuous growth of your organization.

An Innovative dimension in Predictive Analytics
Your organization needs machine learning in business analytics because it is an innovative dimension that provides predictive analytics to advance your organization's business intelligence capabilities to move from simple descriptive analytics to forward-looking analytics.

Realtime Analysis & Competitive Advantage
The Analytical solutions that are established on machine learning normally operate in real time which adds an additional value to the Business Intelligence of your organization. Machine learning also has the capability to provide businesses with a competitive edge by answering to the critical business problems and recognizing the insights faster and more easily than conventional analytics.

The Impact of Machine Learning in Next-Gen Business
How Can Organizations Leverage Advanced Automation?
energize power of data machine learning

Our Services

Cloud Data Analytics

Decision Minds is helping many customers including some of the world’s largest organizations with Cloud Data, Analytics strategy and implementation leveraging Snowflake.

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Data Virtualization

Decision Minds in collaboration with Denodo provides innovative solutions to seamlessly integrate disparate data sources such as existing Data Marts, Data Lake, MDM, and others.

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Artificial Intelligence + ML

Decision Minds has developed DecisionHUB to deliver AI+ML capabilities for enterprises, with our Vertical Experience, Cloud AI Services, Pre-built Models, and Other products.

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Digital Engineering

Decision Minds helps organizations harness the power of Data and Data Science Applications for faster execution of complex datasets with reliability.

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Process Automation

Decision Minds has in-depth experience implementing several Robots across many banks and credit unions to Automate user actions, and to Eliminate human intervention.

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Cloud Services

Decision Minds provide Cloud Services that bring together proven capabilities to build, modernize, Integrate and manage your Multi-Cloud infrastructure and Applications.

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Why Decision Minds?

Leader in Cloud Data Analytics, Multi-Cloud management & Digital Engineering

Award-winning provider with 8+ year customer relationships
Trusted partnerships with Snowflake & Denodo, Google and AWS

Experienced Leadership and Management Team

Seasoned leadership team with proven track record in scaling global IT services companies
Thorough understanding of Analytics & Data Science

Diversified and Referenceable Client Base

Marquee reference-able client base
Deep technology, domain expertise and client relationships

Strong Managed Services Platform with Recurring Revenue

Growing base of recurring revenue with managed services
Global delivery platform for multi-cloud, AI Ops, application and operation support services

Clear Pathway to Growth through Cloud Transformation

Strategic investment in cloud capabilities positions DM to capitalize on sustained Cloud Data Analytics market growth
Well positioned to grow from ongoing cloud transformation initiatives with new and existing clients ($10 M+ Pipeline)

Services and Delivery Models Overview

Decision HUB

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Decision HUB is a Data science platform and a marketplace that helps companies embrace data science model management, rapidly prototype and deliver machine learning and deep learning models and make data science easily accessible across organizations via an internal private marketplace. An easy to use interface, flexible UI, anomaly detection, and alerts deliver quick value for data science teams of any size.

Model Management
Anomaly detection
Enterprise Distribution
Governance & Security

why decision hub

Data HUB

Learn More

DataHUB is a product to migrate from legacy databases into snowflake. It provides several capabilities that are required during migration from profiling to data reconciliation making whole migration process much faster and smoother.

Decision Minds is a Success4 Implementation partner, the first AI driven Customer Success Management product. Success4 helps with retention and growth of subscription businesses. We have implemented this product for several enterprise customers combining our in-depth knowledge of the product and experience working with enterprise SaaS customers.

Industries Impacted

Decision Minds is working towards providing Data Science Solutions that have been effective in tackling many real-world problems and are being increasingly adopted across industries to power more intelligent and better-informed decision-making.

Banking and Finance

We help Banking & Financial Institutions get connected with Data Cloud that enables them to thrive in a data-intensive, highly regulated, and competitive environment with the help of Cloud platform capabilities.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our Data Cloud solutions are enabling healthcare and life sciences organizations to securely centralize, integrate and exchange critical and sensitive data at scale in support of improved outcomes for patients, members, customers and business initiatives.

Independent Software Vendors

We support ISVs in embedding analytics directly into their applications. It strengthens their offering, assist in maintaining a competitive advantage over their counterparts, provide a solid foundation for rapid growth and scalability.

Manufacturing and Natural Resources

We help Manufacturing and Natural Resources companies that have increasing demand and supply of natural resources leading to the generation of huge amounts of data that is complex, difficult to handle, and a prime candidate for big data analytics.

Hi-Tech & Telcom

Our Effective data management is a key for Hi-Tech & Telecom companies who are launching new innovative products, and getting more value from virtually all of their data, while complying with privacy and security.

Communication, Media & Entertainment

Current standards & regulatory are forcing media publishers and advertisers to adapt. Our Data Cloud Solutions are enabling businesses to build a new data foundation that delivers better customer experiences & business outcomes.

Our Clients


Discover our team and experts

Balaji Rajagopalan

Chief Executive Officer

Ramesh Machavarapu

SVP, Data Solutions and Gen AI

Vivek Raghunathan

General Manager-India

Advisory TEAM

Mark Tonnesson


Allan Rixen


Frequently Asked Questions

Be Confident because you are making the right decisions to drive your business forward with Decision Minds Data Automation and Analytical tools like DecisionHUB (A data science platform and marketplace), DataHUB (Data migration to Snowflake) and Success4 (Data Integration & Analysis tool).

Our Cloud Services brings together proven capabilities to build, modernize, Integrate and manage your multi-cloud infrastructure and applications. We provide Infrastructure as Code (IaC) and AI-Ops services to drive innovation and agility in your business.

Decision Minds has collaborated with Data Virtualization leader Denodo to come up with an innovative solution to seamlessly integrate disparate data sources such as existing Data Marts, Data Lake, MDM, and other data sources, thereby reducing silos and duplication by creating unified data repository of key data sets.

Decision Minds uses Snowflake that possesses the adaptability to secure all the data connected to the client through producing usage of the end-to-end shield of encryption, using the newest safety and security criteria. In Snowflake, the data will be kept in numerous small dividers, which need to be actually pressed and improved inside.

Decision Minds BI tools are the software solutions that are used to gather, process, Analyze, and visualize large volumes of past, current, and future data in order to generate actionable business insights, create interactive reports, and simplify the decision-making processes.

Decision Minds creates the ability to explore, understand, and communicate with data and builds a strong Data Culture and helps people and businesses thrive. By prioritizing and investing in data literacy, organizations reduce the analytics skills gap, experience greater collaboration, competitive advantages, and more.

Decision Minds provides solution to all the industries that demands Data Engineering, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, IP-driven Snowflake Migration, Multi-cloud Orchestration, Product Engineering and Intelligent Automation.

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are high-level snapshots of an organization or a business process based on specific predefined measures. The definition of standard KPIs in each organization may be different. The standard KPIs are Customer experience management, Improving efficiencies, Risk Management, Churn Management, Supply chain efficiency and many more.

No specialized expertise is required by the Client. Decision Minds, with its years of experience, has developed the capability to start the projects from scratch to the end and built a data platform that harnesses the immense power of the cloud. Our Team of Experts has already empowered many organizations and has seamlessly unlocked the true value of their data.

Decision Minds cost optimization is a business-focused approach with continuous discipline to drive spending and cost reduction, while maximizing business value. We provide a fully managed database service with minimal requirements for database customizations. Our platform is designed to handle most database management functions, such as: Patching, Backups, High Availability, Security with minimal user configuration and control.

No additional spend is required by the client on Software/Hardware. Decision Minds takes care of everything, from data management to date analytics and complete digital transformation. With our technology and system accelerators, we will deploy complete solutions for the success of your business.

Decision Minds understands the importance of customer service. By providing top-notch customer service to the businesses, we are able to cultivate a loyal following that refers customers, serves as case studies and provides testimonials and reviews. Since a client may seek out support when they are in need of help, a responsive client support team is always available in the service.

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